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Philosophy of Ministry

Hi and welcome to our website – we hope you find it an encouraging part of your life.
We believe that to have a healthy spiritual life we must live our lives out in relation to God and to others. Jesus tells us there are two commandments for us to follow. The first thing Jesus says we should do is love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The second thing Jesus says we should do is love our neighbor the way we love ourselves.
For our church, we believe that these two life commandments can begin to find fulfillment as we do two things in relation to each of them.
In loving God, we encourage our people to do two things. The first is to have a regular practice of bible reading and prayer. It is vital for us to connect every day with God through His word, the Bible, and to communicate with Him in prayer. Along with these we can also fast, and memorize and meditate on scripture. The second thing is to meet on a regular basis with the others to worship God as a community of people. To do this we encourage people to be part of or Sunday morning Bible Study and Worship Service. What happens in our personal devotional time finds public expression and we encourage others as we come together in public worship.
In loving our neighbor, we also encourage our people to do two things. The first is to be a regular part of one of our small group meetings (we call these LIFE Groups – Living In Fellowship Everyday). These meet through the school year on various days and in various locations. The second thing we encourage people to do is to be engaged in servant evangelism. This means both showing people and telling people about the love of God. It can happen through a LIFE Group or other church ministry, but may happen best as we simply go through our regular day.
That is who we are and how it is we are looking to live our lives out in relationship with Jesus and others.

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